December Goals and Updates

Hi there.
It's been awhile since I've written about practical things like food and running and goals.
And I reeeeallly need miss it. 
I've been running on empty the past couple of months and not taking great care of myself and doing a lot of complaining about it and not a lot of doing anything about it.
So before I get down the deep dark rabbit hole of winter blues, I'm making goals and plans. 

Things I'm doing the month of December:
- Running everyday: Regular run schedule with 1-2 mile runs on the 'off' days. Check out #rwrunstreak for more info.

- Lift weights at least 2x a week: I fell off of my weight routine and I miss feeling strong and fit. I'm getting back to pumping iron!

I'm looking forward to trying some of these workouts from Nutrionella
- More time with Jesus: I got out of my daily Bible reading, but Advent is a great time to get back on track. Check out this new plan from the girls at She Reads Truth

- 15 min of yoga a day: My schedule right now doesn't allow for much studio time so I'm going to keep up a steady yogi diet of Iowa Powered Yoga Youtube videos on the purple mat. 

- Building my business: I pick the days I work for Arbonne, but I also do a little bit for my business everyday- sending follow-up emails, calling clients to check in and dropping off samples. This month is a great one to get involved (hello Christmas gifts!) and I want to make sure I share the benefits with the people I care about.

Pampermint® Foot Care Gift Set
- Eating Healthy: Back to the green smoothies and eating more healthy from home. I got L-A-Z-Y and have been experiencing the effects of bad eating. I want to feel good and energetic this month!

- Enjoying the Christmas season: I don't want to be so overloaded that I don't enjoy this beautiful time of year, but I also want to take advantage of all the fun things- baking, creating, shopping, cooking and just being with the people I love.

Things I'm not doing??

What are your goals this month? What do you most look forward to this season?

For me, it's friends, family and lots of holiday cheer. :D