Pay Fashion Forward

Well friends, November is upon us. And for me, that means the start to my very first purpose project with Mochaclub:

After attending The Influence Conference again this year, and hearing about all the amazing projects so many women I know were doing to change the lives of other women and chatting with Barrett...I knew I had to sign up for a purpose project.

I wanted to pick something that had significance to me and felt like making a difference.

This month,
I'm going to raise $1000 to provide HIV/AIDS treatment and health care to 25 women.

25 women.
Isn't that crazy? It only costs $1000 to provide health care for 25 women. I can't imagine not having access to health care at all. What must it be like to be sick and not have any options to get the treatments you need? I think about all the luxuries I live with that I don't give a second thought to- health care being one of them.
I'm excited about doing my part to help fund health and wellness in the lives of 25 women!

As for my project....

Once I reach my $1000 goal of helping 25 women, I will sell 1/3 of my wardrobe.
I know I have more than enough clothing to sustain me and I'd like to use that to help others.
I will host a trunk show in December to sell the items I chose. My goal is to raise another $1000 dollars to fund my very first mission trip to El Salvador in February.

So- my purpose is two-fold:
1. Eliminate 1/3 of my wardrobe
2. Fund a mission trip to El Salvador

Watch this super awkward video where I show you a little bit of my closet situation and talk about why I chose this project:

(apparently, I roll my eyes to the side a lot when I talk? weird)

Here's how you can help!

Check out my personal site here: http://www.themochaclub.org/purpose-projects/nicole-pay-fashion-forward-project/
Any amount helps! Just know that whatever you give , you are changing the lives of women!

Share the link to this post on your blog or your facebook page. Share the link to my personal purpose project page. Also, grab my purpose project off the sidebar and share it on your blog.

Do your OWN Purpose Project
Want to make a difference? Is there something you've always wanted to do? Read about how you can do your own purpose project on the website

I'm looking forward to sharing more with you each week as I work towards my goal of $1000.

THANK YOU for reading and sharing, together we can reach this goal!