My Final Thoughts (31/31)

It's 11:40 PM on the last day of this blog challenge and I'm just now sitting down to right.
That pretty much accurately sums up how this challenge has gone...

I did really good at the beginning and was waking up and writing and posting later in the day. Then I got busy and distracted and didn't make it a priority. Definitely a lesson learned.

I have really enjoyed writing everyday and just sharing more about what is on my heart. I've found the more open I am, the more at peace I feel. This online space really is an amazing outlet for me.

I hope that when you read my thoughts this month, you found something that you were able to relate to.
I hope that you learned something new. 
I hope that you laughed, smiled and cried along with me.

But most of all?
I hope you were able to see the love of Jesus and the amazing experiences life has to offer. 

I have some BIG things happening in November.
Stop back tomorrow for some big news!!!!!

Thank you readers, for sticking with me this month.