We can't take you anywhere (NaBloPoMo #5)

In an effort to be more intentional about my writing and to really work on strengthening my skills, I'm participating in Blogher's NaBloPoMo for July.
The theme is CONNECT. 
Everyday, I'm going to write based on the prompts and share it here and on Blogher. 
I would love to hear any and all feedback from you

I talk a lot.
I'm one of those people that in a quiet moment in a social setting will say something awkward or loud or tell an inappropriate joke because I can't stand the silence. 
I have wide and varied interests so I pretty much always have something to talk about.
And, in general, I just love people.
I like meeting new people when I'm having dinner at my favorite pub. I like hearing how they are in town on business to set up an art display and have ran a relay race in Kentucky involving whiskey and hundreds of miles. 
I like meeting people when I'm out with my cousin catching up. I like hearing how they are track coaches in town for the USA Track and Field events and came all the way from New Jersey and Texas.
I like meeting new people when I'm out on the town with my fiance watching golf and we all get into a conversation about Tiger Woods and then end up becoming best friends (true story- this happened about 3 years ago). 

I literally cannot go anywhere in my hometown without running into at least one person I know. 
If there is a festival or concert in town...forget about it. I will most likely run into five childhood friends, 2 co-workers, 3 neighbors and a handful of bartender and server friends. 

This weekend was the 80/35 Music Festival. It's a local music festival full of funk, reggae, rock and folk music from near and far. It's hosted in downtown Des Moines just a couple of blocks from my place. 
This year, I organized a giant meet-up of friends on Saturday night and it was pretty much the most awesomest thing ever (yes, I realize 'awesomest' is not a word but whatevs. Neither is whatevs). 

Me and my girls

I love being able to bring all the people I know together.
I love introducing people to each other that I think would get along. 
I love seeing connections being made.