Five Minute Friday: Present

Morning friends.
It is an absolutely BEAUTIFUL morning here in the DesMo.
I've already had some nice quiet time and felt like writing while the day was still young and cool.
I hope you have been enjoying my NaBloPoMo posts. I've really enjoyed writing about the prompts and sharing a little more about me everyday.

I've missed #FMF though. I love the idea of writing about just one word.

This morning after my 5 AM workout, I took a bike ride. 
I rode out around the lake and through the park. I took no headphones and just listened to the quiet sounds of the morning and watched the sun rise over the city. 
Often, when I am exercising in solitude, I pray. It's a time for me to be focused and in my thoughts.  I thanked the Lord for giving me a strong and healthy body to move and bike and run. I thanked him for my beautiful city- both urban and nature. Just then, I looked up and there was a deer just 3 feet away next to the path. Neither one of us moved as I rode by.
I smiled to myself because I felt like God was just reminding me- Hey, even though you forget about me sometimes. I never forget about you. I'm always here. 
I prayed for Breakfast and Bible buddies- one about to give birth, one about to get married, one about to start a new career, one a little overstressed and one on vacation. I prayed for T. I prayed for our relationship. I prayed for myself. I asked God to just help me be a little more focused on him. Just a little more present in this beautiful life He has given me.
I rounded the corner on the trail and another deer was next to me. We made eye contact for a split second. 
Then she darted off. 
Taking my prayer requests with her.

Try a little #FMF yourself this morning. And don't forget to check out all the lovely posts over at Lisa Jo's blog and share the comment love.

Happy Friday.
It's the freakin' weekend! (cue the R.Kelly...)