Five Minute Friday: Fall

As always, I'm a day late.
But whatever, my blog, my rules? :)

The rules:
1. Write for 5 minutes flat on the chosen word.
2. No editing.
3. Link back and read and share and comment!

Today's word: FALL

Fall from grace.
This is a saying I just don't understand. It implies that you can make a mistake so big there is no forgiveness. But isn't the concept of grace itself repeating forgiveness? Unconditional love? I know there are bad people in the world. People that do horrible things to other people and children and animals. People that manipulate and hurt others. And there are also good people. People that love and care about people. People that are so good inside but lose their way. Make a mistake. Do things out of order. Get caught up. It happens.
But that's why we have grace. That's why we get picked back up and dusted off and forgiven. We may have hurt someone unintentionally (or intentionally I suppose), but that doesn't mean what we did is too far to receive grace. We are never too far gone from that unconditional love.
We can never fall that far.

Hmmm. Interesting word choice.
what are your thoughts on the saying 'fall from grace'?

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