Sunday Seven: 4/7/2013

Even though I had to work almost all weekend....

I didn't let it get me down.
It was absolutely beautiful!!

1. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw a barrage of pictures Saturday starting with 1st shorts and tshirt run of the season!

 It was awesome. I got in 8 miles with my girlfriends before I set off for breakfast with this guy before work:

He's my favorite. <3

2. Also, I know not that many people care, but our teams played each other in the NIT tournament this week.

 The Hawks prevailed, but then we lost the championship. Bummer.

3. I'm sort of obsessed with eating everything out of a mason jar.

Tomorrow, read about all the best Mason Jar Foods.

4. Favorite screen shots of the week:

Apple Pie Smoothie- I def want to try

Avocado fries?? Yes Please.

HA! I love this. 

I definitely want to try this
5. I've read Andie's blog for a couple years and I revisited it this week looking for a recipe. These posts: losing your fear of food and being constantly hungry, definitely gave me some food for thought. (pun intended). I yo-yo with food and it's about time I strike a healthy balance.

6. If you haven't gotten your ticket for Influence Conference 2013, you should read this post. I have a little blurb!

7. This week finally felt like spring. There were so many signs of warmer days to come:

Iced coffees

New run shoes!


Patio dinners

How was your week? Are you finally enjoying some signs of spring? Morning and evening walks are good for both me and Roxydog.