Staging My Own Mutiny: Possessions Recap & Media Fast

Possessions was easy.
I had no problem getting rid of stuff.
I know I have too many things and I'm also moving later this year.
Also....I sort of love purging.
It's the most liberating thing ever.

I did this in an afternoon. 

The weightlessness of not feeling burdened by all the things to be organized, labeled, stored, cleaned, managed....it's freeing.

I wanted to fill 7 boxes and I did. Not all of them are even pictured here.
I am still working on where to donate them and to what meaningful cause but I have found homes for some of my things and I'm pretty excited about that.

And- I'm not done.
There are a couple areas I'd still like to cut back in- jewelry and clothes.
Since January, I've gotten rid of a 6 full rubbermaids of clothes and shoes. Seem ridiculous? I still have a lot to go.
The fashion fast is teaching me that I'd rather have a few things that I really love versus 500 things that are just 'okay.'
Also- quality over quantity. Always.

I read a lot about living simpler via these blogs and articles. All were very insightful and motivated me to make some changes:

Becoming Minimalist- This blog has so much insight and he links to some amazing articles like these:

Choosing a Life without Stuff

Do It Now. Seriously- handle your stuff.

And this.

My friend Jason has also been a big inspiration to me. Him and his wife simplified their life and moved to California with 2 kids and all their stuff in ONE TINY UHAUL trailer. And no debt. It's impressive. I ask his advice a lot and he recommends books to me. I suggest finding a successful friend - it makes a difference!

But now that possessions week is winding down....we are on to MEDIA.

I'll admit it.

I'm a certified Iphone junkie.

Not so much games and apps, but Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.
I wake up and read email. Scroll through Instagram. Read Twitter.
I can lay in bed looking at my phone for a half hour before I do anything.
I feel embarrassed to share that.

Watching Jen's video for Media, I latched onto a couple things:
- When you are too sucked into your gadgets- people tell you they miss you.
- Often we get so connected online, we ignore real life relationships. Media is not a substitution for real life.
- Technology can be really amazing and useful and powerful- but it can also be a burden. Balance is key.
- The key to building missional community is relationship.

And biggest of all:

If we say we 'don't have time' to call, visit, grab coffee with a friend or family member...

we are lying.

If we have time for shows, apps, emails and pictures- we have time.

I think we (I know I am) are all guilty of this.

'Oh, I'm just SO busy.' Yet, our friends and family we shrugged off can see we posted 15 Instagrams and 100 tweets while we were supposedly 'busy.'
I think society has allowed that to become okay and maybe that needs to change.

I read something the other day too about how media is making us dumber. As people, we are losing the ability to focus and if we are not constantly being stimulated we can often be 'bored.' I have experienced this. And I think there will be a real and profound 'withdrawal' period at first. 

Here is what I'm giving up. Friday, April 12th to Friday, April 26th:

NO Facebook
NO Instagram
NO Twitter

Check emails once in the AM and once in the PM

Phone stays in the car or bag at work- no checking during the work day. 

I'm going to allow myself to blog and 'share' the blog posts. It doesn't open up the entire app but just the little post and then it closes itself. 
Also- my google reader is 1000+ posts so obviously I don't have a problem with skipping over that media option.

Besides just giving things up, I'm going to try to do a couple things:

  • Set up a family breakfast
  • Visit my grandparents for coffee
  • Call my family in Nashville
  • Read more
  • Write more

I'll admit- giving up Instagram is going to be hard. 
And T's birthday is mixed in there. So I'm going to look like the bad fiance that doesn't publicly acknowledge his birth. HA. I think he will understand. 

People, I'm really really looking forward to this.
Often I can feel overwhelmed and scatterbrained by technology so I think this hiatus will be a good reset for me.

Last Night's Instagram

Please check back periodically to make sure I'm still alive....