Sunday Seven 2-3-13

I can hardly believe it's already February.

January came and went faster than you can say 'Happy New Year!' and here we are just 11 days shy of Valentine's Day.

With all the exciting things happening this year, I have a feeling the remaining months of the year are going to go just as quickly. 
All evidenced by the fact that Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow.

Spring is coming EARLY!
Which means....

I love bright colors when running outside,
safety first!

Purple windbreaker + SF hat=
Favorite Run outfit. 
1. More running outside! I got in 2 runs outside this week, one on Tuesday and one Saturday with my buddy Jamilee. It felt good to breathe fresh air and run naturally. The treadmill always makes me slack on form. 

I got in 18 miles this week. A few short of my goal, but I felt pretty good about the quality of runs I got in- speed work and conversational pace. Our Saturday route ended up pretty hilly so I covered that too!

 (PS- I have a new running widget on my side bar- check it out! Find me on DailyMile)

2. I worked from home a lot this week.

 One day because I had some business downtown, another day because of this:

And then ANOTHER day because of this:

Roxy really loved having her mom at home:

She loves sleeping in this basket
On Thursday, I didn't feel so hot. Just started feeling really yucky and took the afternoon off to rest (#restisbest!) I ended up sleeping all afternoon- waking to eat some really delicious avocado toast, dozing back off for a couple hours- up to eat again and do a little work stuff, then back asleep until almost 7:30 the next morning. 
I guess I was a little tired? Just glad I avoided getting whatever was creeping on.
I'm also very glad I have an employer that enables me to work from home and take time off when I need it!

3. Speaking of rest...Wednesday night I got to hang out with this guy a little. I cooked us dinner, then we chatted over a beer about wedding plans, our recent church sermon series on 'Living Generously', and the new The Lone Bellow album.

I really like him. <3

4. In my Pocket this week:
5. I love getting mail.
This week, this came:

Check out A Suburban Menagerie to get in on the study!

And these!

And these!!

Mail and impending marriage are the best.

6. Remember when I mentioned not feeling well Thursday? Well, on Friday, I made sure to eat super healthy and stick with my Simple Green Smoothies and I'm sure that's what made me well.

 I drank a green smoothie every single day of January and I'm keeping it up. Between that and the Kombucha I drank...I felt like a ROCKSTAR.

7. Saturday night date night!

Music from one of our favorite local bands (their new album was recorded in the old building right next to my condo!)
It's back baby.

How was your week? 
What was the highlight?

For me- it was date night with T- live music, cocktails and conversation- the best!