Sunday Sevenish... 1/21/13

What up friends?
I've been a bit of a busy gal- my second job is in full swing and I had some things planned this weekend (Thai & Movie date night with T, BFF coffee date and Annual church meeting) so today is the first day I've really been home and had some time to write!
It's my Sunday. :)

Here's what's going on around these parts this week:

1. I've been a working fool. Tax season has officially kicked off so I'm back to working about 60+ hours a week between the two jobs. Which requires a LOT of planning and preparation (come back tomorrow for a special post on Tips for a Busy Life).
2. Have you ever used Pocket? Somehow I just discovered this last week and it is my new favorite Iphone app. I can save links to cool articles or blogs from twitter without emailing myself 50 times a day. And visually- it's really quite beautiful.
3. Speaking of links, this is what I've been loving this week on the internets:

4. I participated in my first ever twitter party this week- #writestuff with Anne Bogel and some other writers in the twitter world. It was so much fun and I learned so much about how important it is to practice your craft- no matter what it is...
5. Enter The Write Practice. It's an amazing organization created by Joe Bunting (ghostwriter and editor) that encourages writers to practice 15 minutes a day via emailed prompts. So far I love it! The other day I created a new word- wickpire. What does that mean, you ask? I'll let you try and figure that out and I'll share later this week on the blog. 
6. I've been reading War and Peace.It's on my 30 before 30 list and I'm hoping to finish it before the end of the month! 

I really am enjoying it so far. Despite the war sections, I'm really loving all the relationships and the gossip and chatter among high society taking place in the book. I guess it just goes to show how some things never change. 
7. T and I had a little date night Saturday night. We went to Zuzap- a local Thai restaurant near our office. It. was. amazing.

Vegan Spring Rolls (check out the amazing carrot rose!)

T ordered red curry and rice- 4 stars- great spice!

Pumpkin Curry with rice noodles. I could eat this every day. 

Thai Tea- LOVE

Fortunes. Turns out my fortune (not the shopping one of course) is from a poem called 'The Anniversary' by John Donne- read it here.

We also went to Zero Dark Thirty. 
I have a lot of mixed feelings about the movie. 
There were some parts that were hard to watch- like the torture of detainees. 
Especially knowing that what we saw in the movie is probably just a small piece of what actually happened. That it's been probably severely edited as to not scare people.
I wonder what happened to all those kids and women who were part of Osama Bin Laden's family. I wonder what happened to that CIA agent that came from high school and spent 12 years of her life trying to bring down the leader of Al Quieda. I also realized that no matter what they show us in movies- there are a lot of things at work in our government and other governments around the world that we have no idea about it. Nor do we probably want to.
Anyway- you should see it. I'm curious what you think. 

All in all, an amazing date night with my favorite guy. I seriously love him. And Thai food. :)

What's been going in your world? 
Anything you'd like to see me feature here?