Five Minute Friday: Opportunity

TGIF Friends!
Five Minute Friday with Lisa Jo Baker is back for the New Year!

This is a little writing exercise in which I write for 5 straight minutes on one word. No editing, no stopping. It's a great way to work on writing skills and also hone in on what specific words mean in your life. We link up at Lisa Jo's blog and spend a little time reading what others wrote. I love reading the different perspectives.

So here goes.
Today's word is....


I have opportunity everyday.
Opportunity to learn more. Opportunity to meet people. Opportunity to do various things.
I actually think of work when I hear this word. It's used a lot in the corporate world. Not a mistake, a learning opportunity. Not a new position, a job opportunity. Often it is used to turning something negative into something positive.
I prefer to use it differently.
I see each day as an opportunity to be my best self. Seeing as we are within a week of the new year, this is a perfect word to describe me right now. I'm waking each day looking forward to the opportunities that will come into my life this year. For me, opportunity is almost synonymous with chance. Each day is a chance to do the right thing. To be a better person. To try again. To love more. To give more. To do more.

So there you go.
Obviously I'm a little out of practice with this...HA.

What do you think of when you hear the word OPPORTUNITY? Share in the comments below or if you blog- put a link to your post and don't forget to link up with Lisa Jo!
Happy Friday!