A Year in Review: 2012 Races

I had a goal of running one race per month.
I ended up a couple short, but I did get a couple PR's and ran my first marathon!
Here's a little recap of races this year:

January: Running Room Resolution Run
This little run is put on by a local running store. It isn't timed with chips or anything- supposed to be a 5K. I started my watch late and I think the route was a little short so I finished 2.56 miles in 24:17. Better than nothing!

February: YMCA Red Flannel Run
It was stupid cold out for this run. I mean freezing.
But I ran one of my fastest times yet- 5 miles at 42:07. Woot!

March: Friendly Sons of St Patrick 10K
This was my first time doing this race. It starts and ends at a bar and runs through residential neighborhoods. It was HOT this day (Iowa weather!). I mean for March. It was in the 60's I think. I ran a 57:54.

In March, I also did the Fight For Air Climb with my cousin's team, Team Honeybadger! We climbed 3 flights of stairs. My time seems fast, but we had time to walk and cool down in between buildings. It was WAY harder than I thought it would be and I even trained a little!

Total climb time: 13:43, 66 flights of stairs

Since I'm an ex-smoker, this was a pretty cool race to participate in!

April: Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon- Nashville, TN

This race was pretty special for a couple reasons. It was my first out of state race. It was my first R'n'R series race. It was also in one of my favorite cities- Nashville!

These are the official race photos

Crossing the finish line!

Getting my medal!
Read more about this trip here
A local classic. One of my favorites

I found some friends at the start and ended up having my best Dam to Dam ever! I finished in 1:57:31. I was pretty stoked so I treated myself to a giant coffee. HA
This was my first off-road type race.
I ran with a group of friends- most of which attend my gym- Goals In Motion.
So. Much. Fun.
I took it pretty easy around the obstacles- I didn't want to get hurt before my marathon! And I had run 10 miles that morning as part of my regular training.
The course was hilly and through bumpy fields and woods. My time was 48:58:60

Either way, I still feel like a badass every time I wear that race t-shirt. :)
September: Capital Pursuit 2012
I didn't 'officially' run this race so don't tell on me.
I could have sworn I had signed up online, but they didn't have my info. So I went back home quickly and grabbed a credit card and came back to sign up.
They were only taking cash.
I was a little irritated. T took this picture of me speed-walking back to the start.
I ran it anyway and snuck out at the end. 10 miles 1:28:14
I ran my VERY FIRST MARATHON in October.
It was a pretty special trip for us
So special you'll have to read about it in another post
November: Stam's Halloween Hot Chocolate 5 Miler
This is one of my favorite races. It's easy and flat, and you get good swag: zip up fleece and free hot chocolate at the end! My finish time was 43:39 which I think is a new PR for me and that race.
Had to support the newly crowned World Series Champs!
 Did you run any races this year? Do you prefer hot or cold races?
I like chilly races. Something about the cold air makes me faster.