Five Minute Friday: Dive

Hey ya'll.
Happy Friday!
I think this may have been one of the first weeks in the past month I had to work every single day? So exhausting. HA!
I'm glad it's the weekend- looking forward to relaxing and maybe having some fun adventures.

I'm linking up today with Lisa Jo Baker and the ladies of Five Minute Friday.

This is a little flash mob of bloggers writing on the same word for five minutes- no stopping, no editing and then linking up together. My favorite part is reading what everyone else though of when they heard the word- so many talented writers out there!

Feel free to try this out! It's a fun little exercise.

Timers ready?

Today's word: dive

I love water. I love swimming. I love spending time in the sunshine soaking up the rays and then jumping into a cool body of water.
I remember learning to dive when I was a kid. Trying to spring off the edge of the pool and arc my body just right so I didn't end up doing a belly flop. Even now, I'm not that great of a diver. But something about attempting a dive feels so graceful and carefree. That moment when you push off your feet, arms extended, body gliding in the air to slip quietly into the cool depths.
Most likely my dive looks nothing like that but I like to think it does.
I like diving into things too. I like getting really excited about an idea or the proposition of something that I'll take that leap to jump right in. But often, the execution ends up looking a lot like my water dives- a flop.
But once I'm immersed and my body adjusts to the temperature, I find that maybe my dive wasn't as bad as thought.
The sting of the flop eventually wears off after all.


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What does the word 'dive' make you think of?
Are you a water person? Do you often dive into things with a little lack of grace?
Now that I said that I just thought of a whole host of other things I could write about related to grace and diving...for another time perhaps. :)