Sunday Seven 12/2/12 (AKA I got a LOT to share)

Hello there!
Hope the beginning of December is treating you well.
It's been downright balmy here in Iowa. I wore a thin scarf yesterday as part of my outfit and I was practically sweating. We walked outside downtown on date night- with no coats!

And then today it's super foggy and a little bit of a nip in the air.

That's our bizarre weather for you!

This week, I wrapped up my NaNoWriMo novel.
I'm excited that I made my goal, but it's also bittersweet. I've really enjoyed having something to write about consistently. Blogging is not the same. BUT, I'm also glad to get back to EvenMe- sharing my life and passions through pictures and stories for you.

I started the Sunday7 series the very first month I started blogging.

It started for a couple reasons:

1. One of my favorite blogs is A Foodie Stays Fit. Every week, she does a 'Weekender' post where she recaps interesting things she read about during thee week.

2. I love lists (obviously). And the number 7.

3. I really love Sundays. I like to start out with a run and a delicious breakfast.

Followed by church and then any and all kinds of relaxing (often writing).

So, here I am, ready to share! It's been awhile since I've done a  Sunday7 post. So this is going to be a little different- instead of just 7 things, you are getting 7 topics of things.


 1. Blogging Things
- My first ever guest post!!
- My good friend Dannette wrote about her 12 hour Twilight experience for VideoETA. EPIC!
- Tips on 'must-have' blog pages. I need to review this.

2. Yummy Things
- I've made 3 batches of these bars in the past month. YUM.
- I made a variation on this that was DELICIOUS.
-Best Sweet Potato Fries

3. Hilarious
 - How do you know if you are at a Hipster Wedding?
- For all dog owners. And I love The Oatmeal.
- My friend Kelly shared this blog with me and I was laughing so hard I was crying.

4. 'So True' things
- You CAN find amazing outfits at garage sales.
- It is NOT normal trying to be perfect.
- Be happier with these 9 daily habits

5. Professional Things
- Best and Worst Jobs - the graphic in this article is amazing. Conclusion? I need to find a way making money online. :)
- It's not work/life balance, it's work/life blend
- Get happy at work with these tips
- 10 questions to ask in an interview

6. Interesting Things
- This article on 7 things that don't seem like they should make you happy got me thinking...watching sad movies? Eating red meat? Hmmm.
- This makes me want to be a 'stay at home' something... maybe

7. Inspiring Things
- We need to hear more stories like this about pro-athletes.
- My favorite Influence Conference recap from my friend Amanda
- 101 ways to stay motivated for Running!!
- Best Birthday Concept
- I loved this post from Casey

Hope you had a restful and relaxing weekend!