Influence Conference: Getting to Know You Part III

Here you go friends (yah! I caught up on the blog posts!)- round III of 'Getting Know You' blog series created by This Healthy Endeavor.

Today is 'ABC's' about you. So here goes:

A- Accent you wish you had

Probably southern- I think they sound so sweet and nice. Plus, I like their made-up words like ya'll and fixin'.

B- Baking or Cooking?

Cooking. Always. I love all the foods.

C- Can't Get Enough.....

Of this guy.

D- Drink you can't go without

Coffee. I drink it hot, cold, espresso'd...however. Nothing helps the last few hours of work than an afternoon coffee walk!
And water. I seriously drink at least a gallon a day.

E-Emotion you get when those Hallmark commercials come on

I don't have cable...so I don't see many commercials! However, I can say, depending on my mood, I'd either think they were cute or cheesy.

F-Fictional Character you relate to

No one in particular comes to mind here. Maybe Meredith Grey? Shes smart and driven, but also a family person. I can relate to her struggle to find balance between all areas and relationships in her life.

G-Guilty Pleasure

Candy. Specifically Laffy Taffy. It's a sickness.

H- Hometown

Des Moines!! I love my city.

I- Ice Cream Flavor

Mint Chocolate chip. Or anything cake batter. YUM.

J- Jumpstart Go To (aka how you get your day started)

Exercise! And coffee. Lots of black coffee.

K- Keepsake Item

I like to collect memorabilia of good times. My favorite is a set of mini salt and pepper shakers from the first trip T and I took together out of town.

L- Life Verse(s)

Hebrews 12:1
Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a huge crowd of wiintenesses to the life of faith, let us strip off every weight that slows us down, especially the sin that so easily trips us up. And let us run with endurance the race God has set before us.

Ephesians 1:16
I have not stopped thanking God for you. I pray for you constantly.

M-Memory that makes you smile

T was leaving for a trip out of town and I met him to say 'bye'. He came bounding down the steps, tanned and lean. He saw me and his face lit up. I remember feeling like exactly what I was feeling was reflected in his face. :)

N- Non-fiction writer you want to have dinner with

Laurie Notaro. She's HILARIOUS. If you haven't read any of her stuff, check her out here.
First author that I literally laughed out loud reading. I remember being at the pool, laughing so hard I had to set the book down.

O- Opulent Item You Want (something that is way out of your price range)

Everything in the J.Crew fall album. Ahhh...italian leather ballet flats!!

P-Pattern You Love

Stripes. And lately- lace.

Q- Quirk You Have

I count things. Usually things in patterns- like tiles, window panes, etc. I don't know why or when it started, but I find myself doing it when I'm thinking really hard about something.

R- Relaxing Spot

Curled up in my trusty orange chair- reading or watching old seasons of Grey's Anatomy. :)

S- Snow or Sun?

Sun. Although I love a quiet snow around the holidays.

T- TV show you miss

I loved this show.

U- Unique Fact About You

I have 7 tattoos. Most recent was to commemorate my first marathon!
I love getting new ink and someday hope to have a full sleeve.

V- Valentine's Day ...big deal or not?

Not. Everyday is a day to celebrate LOVE.

W- What's Your Love Language?

I heard this is a book, but I've not read it.
I can tell you that I have a lot of love language- I'm a hugger. And a gift-giver. And a doer. And a sayer.
So if I care about you, you will probably get regular compliments, hugs, help and CARDS (I have an obsession) from me.

X- X-Factor Song You Would Sing (sidenote: I don't watch the show...)

I also do not watch...are there specific songs they have to choose from?
I have a horrid singing voice...but I can rock karaoke to 'Just a Girl' by No Doubt (after a few cocktails...)

Y- Yoga or Not?

Yoga. It makes me feel tall. And thin. And strong. I love challenging my body in a different way with yoga.

Z- Zealous Dream You Have
I want to own and operate my own local coffee shop. I want it to be locally sourced ingredients, anything else fair-trade and organic. I want it to be nestled in a neighborhood that would support it by being regular patrons.

Hope that helps you learn a little bit about me...I'm definitely a mixed bag...variety is the spice of life!
So, so, SO looking forward to the conference in just 3 days!!