Sunday Seven: Adios Beaverdale

I'm officially moved into a loft in downtown Des Moines.
To say 'I love it' is an understatement.
I am within walking distance of some of my favorite coffee shops and restaurants, my church and my boy, T.

But there were things I loved about my old neighborhood too.

In honor of my old 'hood, here's 7 things I'm going to miss about Beaverdale:

1. My neighbors. My neighbors, Jake and Heather (one of whom happens to be my old roommate) have lived next to me for the past 5 years. Our dogs play together and we always chit chat across the yard. They are the sweetest people and I'm going to miss seeing them regularly. I know Roxy is going to miss her doggy friends too!!

2. My baristas. For the past 7 years, at least 3 times a week, I stopped into Grounds for Celebration for a latte or coffee or scone. The morning baristas were always so sweet to me with my annoying orders (sugar free, soy, decaf, etc) and always had treats ready for Roxy. We will miss being regulars!

3. Driving down Polk Blvd. Although Polk Blvd isn't technically Beaverdale, I drove down that street almost daily between downtown and my house. Not to mention one of my favorite 5 mile routes was an out and back down Polk. There is not a time of year it's not beautiful and picturesque. I liked to imagine living in one of those big houses with mature trees someday.

4. Running Routes. Living somewhere for 7 years, I built up a pretty impressive map of running routes. I remember the first time I ran my 5K route. The first 5 miler I did. Wearing a path in the same 3 mile route on crisp fall mornings. Quiet, dark 4 milers through Glendale Cemetery. Where I fractured my foot. Where I did my first speed drills. I started my running routine living in Beaverdale and it will always have positive and emotional memories for me.

5. Walking Roxy without a leash. Just recently, I had been able to walk Roxy on our daily route without a leash. We had tread the same route so many times, she knew exactly where to go, when to stop, when to cross the street and when to wait for mom.

6. AK O'Connors. Although this bar has been closed now for a year, it was the first place I was ever a 'regular.' I love supporting local business and I loved this place. I loved being able to walk there from my house and listen to live music on Sunday nights. Chat with the bartenders and regular patrons. Walk home down Urbandale Avenue. I'll always have great memories of hanging out there with friends and enjoying good times.

7. The name. C'mon, how fun is it to say 'I live in the Beav'? Trust me, there is so much fun to be had with a neighborhood called Beaveardale. I have a tshirt that says 'Leave it to Beaverdale.'

Besides being voted the Most Beautiful Neighborhood in Des Moines for multiple years, it was one of the most active places I've ever lived.
I'll miss seeing all the familiar faces I passed regularly.
I'll miss knowing the winding streets and houses like the back of my hand.
I'll miss the history I had in a place so familiar.

But...I'm excited and ready for my new adventure.

So, in celebration of my 100th Blog post, I'm saying 'See ya later Beaverdale, you've been good to me' and 'Hello Downtown Des Moines!'

Here's to the next chapter in Even Me.