Sunday Seven 1/8/12

1 week of 2012 gone and done already...

1. As I mentioned last week, it's caucus time in Iowa. (Apparently, our awesome friends at 8/7 Central designed an all too-awesome 'Rock Out with your Caucus Out' tshirt which can be seen and purchased here, along with other unsavory and yet delicious tshirts). But I digress...
Much to CNN and every news channel's delight it was a super close race and Mitt Romney won out by 8 votes. Proving that yes, your vote really does count.
Personally, I don't think the caucus really proves anything and if you want my opinion on politics in general - read this article.

Stepping down from the soapbox....

2. Somewhat related...check out this gallery of photos from the White House in 2011. I especially love the one where the Bama is talking in his wife's ear and she's making a 'nu-huh!' face. And when he's cheering beers on the veranda. Normal, everyday stuffs.

3. My little sister turned me onto this blog about house remodeling and everything DIY.  It's probably going to require that I get a third job just so I can do all kinds of crazy projects at my house. It's definitely given me cheap, easy and super awesome decorating ideas and a little bit of courage to try out some bold paint colors.

4. Have you seen the hilarious Directv commercials? This one makes me laugh. Almost as good as the 'Mayhem' clips.

5. I did some detoxing this week. Green smoothies for breakfast, lots of veggies, no meat, no dairy and few carbs. Got back to my fighting weight. Watch out 2012!! I will definitely have some new Meatless Munch recipes coming up this week.

6. I did not mention this my New Year's Resolution post but I decided to take a little break from alcohol. Not that I drink excessively, but I just don't remember the last time I didn't have a beer for a extended period of time. Wait- I take that back- I took 3 weeks off my during my GIM challenge...and I was on crutches so that was probably smart. :)
I'm a social drinker, so it's pretty standard for me to meet up with friends on the weekend and have a beer or a cocktail- nothing too crazy. But I am curious to see what a full month of no alcohol is like. It's always interesting to me that other people feel more uncomfortable about it than I do.
But I do have a mug now...

Which is only getting filled with Root Beer until the end of the month. (unless they get something really good in the reserve, then all bets off!!)

Anyway- this was the first week and it was easy peasy. T and I have got to spend some awesome date nights together. Last night we had PF Changs and saw Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It was awesome. I love hanging out with that guy.

7. I am addicted to the Sleep Cycle App. It's amazing. I'm almost excited to go to bed at night because of it. And who knew I pretty much only sleep 4-5 hours a night?? I seriously run on fumes all the time.

8. I know...I have more than 7 but I have more stuff to talk about!! Tax Season 2012 officially started this week. I worked Wed, Thurs and Saturday. If you need tax work done - call me up at the 70th and Douglas office (515-270-0793). #shamelessplug
I tried for professional, smart and also comfy, warm and stylish for the tax office.

9. I finally tried La Mie pastries. They. were. so. good.
I'm taking T to breakfast next weekend there...I heard it's important to try a sweet and a savory breakfast...also to come early or late because they fill up fast!!

Almond Croissant and Strawberry/Rhubarb Strudel thingy
10. You know I love a good sale. Especially when it's on running clothes. And when the majority of them are purple.

I heart Target.
I've been shopping for another pair of running tights and all the ones I like require me to sell an organ. I found these babies for $13.88 on clearance. And all the champion bras were on clearance too (which only happens about twice every 5 years).
I rocked a new running outfit Saturday.

Workouts this week:

I'm back on my regular training schedule so only running 4 days a week. This week was an easy week- 3 3-milers and 1 4-miler at an easy pace (11:18). It's funny- I got so used to running everyday I felt a little weird not doing it. So I tried to walk on the days I wasn't running- plus Roxy needs the exercise.

Monday: 2.85 miles 25:35
Tuesday: 45 min KB. Roxy and I walked 1.75 mi 30:09
Wednesday: Resistance Training, 3.01 mi 28:40. Negative splits.
Thursday: 45 min KB, 20 minutes yoga, Roxy and I walked 1.85 mi. It got up to 65 degrees on Thursday so it was still nice when I got done with H&R. I took a little walk in the afternoon at work to enjoy the sunshine. It felt like spring.

Friday: 3.01 mi 27:43 (I missed resistance...)
Saturday: 4.02 mi 34:50. I ran this downtown before I had to work at H&R.
Sunday: Roxy and I walked 4.70 miles (1:19, that's 1 hour, 19 minutes) before church...it was supposed to be a 3 miler but we got off track and were really enjoying it.

Total Run Mileage: 12.89 miles
Total Walk Mileage (measured): 8.3 miles

Also, church was intellectual, contemplative and explosive all at the same time today. If you get a chance, check out the free podcast here. It should be up in a couple of days.

My 2012 has kicked off with a bang! How about you? How was your first week of the New Year?