Morning Walk

On Sunday morning, Roxy and I got up in the dark, bundled up and headed out for a quiet stroll.

It was crisp and beautiful. We chose a route through the cemetery not far from my house.

I think it's such a peaceful and picturesque place.

It's filled with rolling hills and lush landscapes

Watching the sunrise over the hills was stunning.

There's also a section that is dedicated to the Masons. It's filled with old and elaborate stones.

Roxy liked heading out for exercise. Normally we don't walk much farther than a mile or two together.

She was a trooper- we did almost 5 miles and I stopped for coffee.

Hard to believe it's almost mid January and there were still dry leaves blowing around like fall.

It was a beautiful start to a great day. I think this will definitely become part of our routine.

For what human ill does not dawn seem to be an alleviation?  ~Thornton Wilder