Manic Monday: A delayed Sunday Seven 1-29-12

This is the start of the most insane week.
It's month end which means busy-busy-busy at work.
And I'm scheduled to work another 28 hours at H&R doing taxes.
You probably won't hear from me much.

So in the meantime- I'll catch you up on last week!

1. I ate meat. Well, seafood. Does that really count?

I tried out Wasabi Chi with my friends Holly and Katrisha. We had all been having a sushi craving and this place more than hit the spot.
They even have a vegan roll- the Green Peace roll. It has sweet potato tempura. I liked it, but my favorite was definitely the Des Moines roll. Incredible flavor. I have never had sushi this good- so many distinct and unique flavors. I will definitely be going back.

2. This little gem arrived in the mail this week:

That's right. Starbucks GOLD. It is only fueling my otherwise ridiculous latte habit.

3. CARBS. Have you noticed the first 3 things are about food? Well I've been on a roll this week people. I did entirely way too much damage to a bag of Smart Pop kettle corn in one day, and also felt it was appropriate to eat a scone and another pastry in the same day (when I already had breakfast), not to mention the late night bowls (yes-that's plural) of air-popped popcorn with vegan butter.
It. was. out. of. control.
I'm working on reining in the monster that lives in my belly. :)

4. I made 3 major decisions all in one day on Monday: I am going back to school, I'm applying for a job completely different than my current profession and I'm buying a car.

5. I accomplished one of those major decisions on Friday:

I got a sweet deal on this 2010 Mazda 3 and I absolutely LOVE it. Nicest car I've ever owned.

6.On the internets:
  • This article about Joe Paterno shows what kind of man he really was. I hope his legacy of mentorship, hard work and love of sports out lives the recent scandals.
  • Remember my friend, the Honeybadger? He's getting famous.

7. I signed up for my second race of the year, The Red Flannel Run on February 11th. I also signed up to do the Fight for Air Climb on March 4th. Join my team! Or donate to a great cause here.

 Monday- Resistance Training, 2 mile treadmill run 19:49. Slow and steady. (I had done 8 on Sunday so just wanted to do something easy)
Tuesday- Kickboxing
Wednesday- Resistance Training, run 5.01 miles, 46:14
Thursday- Kickboxing
Friday- Resistance Training, 1.5 mile run, 13:27
Saturday- run 8.7 miles 1:17:40
Sunday- REST (AKA eat a lot)

Total Miles: 17.2

Have you gotten your taxes done? Made any big decisions lately? Leave some comments, I'll write back! Promise.