Sunday Seven 11/20/11

It's Thanksgiving this week!!
I'm excited to eat a bunch of tasty eats at my grandma's house but I am bummed that my T-baby is away on a work/family/boys trip. Bleh. :(

1. But...maybe cooking up this will make me feel better?

2. And while we're on the topic of food, I should provide a little update on my vegan/vegetarianism. I'm still meat-free but have a small weakness for cheese. I found this blog post on how vegan is vegan and I could relate. Especially to this part:

We all come together with the same purpose: to eat more plants, to eat more "vegan" meals, to be healthier and of course, to call each other friends.

This is basically my philosophy at this point- eat as many plants for as many meals as I can and also to avoid animal products as much as possible.
That being said...I did give myself the option of eating meat on Thanksgiving but at this point- still undecided.

3. I got back into reading some blogs this week and found this. I'm not sure what to say about it. I was really overwhelmed and sad when reading this post and I'm curious as to what will happen down the road for this blogger.

4. I also saw this post on modern day slavery and I was appalled and shocked that this is happening in our world. I really had no clue. Honestly- this is why I normally don't stay up to date on news- sometimes ignorance is bliss.

5. This article on what characteristics make successful people tic was a good read. I thought there were a lot of great tips.

6. I saw this British article on what husbands and wives really think about their bodies and was amazed that the women were more critical of their partners then the men were!! Geez ladies.

7. This is my new favorite blog. SkinnyRunner is hilarious and I think if i lived in SoCal we'd be buddies. And she has totally inspired me to set some goals for running. Starting this week, I'm running everyday from Thanksgiving until Christmas. Even if it's just a little one mile jog. Luckily it's been nice enough to run outside (I ran in shorts today after work) but it's going to get cold soon. I'm hoping to secure a membership with Tbone's gym so I can have access to a treadmill when the snow hits.

Okay so that was a whole lot of randomness...

What have you been up to? What Turkey Day item are you looking forward to grubbing on?