Meatless Munch 1: Black Bean Burgers and Squash Fries

A couple weeks ago I ordered Mama Pea's cookbook Peas and Thank You.
It promises 'meatless meals the whole family will love'...and it did not disappoint!!

I was craving a burger and fries so I tried out the black bean burger and butter nut squash recipes.

When I first read the recipe I thought "that seems like a lot of ingredients" (which would explain why I normally steer away from complicated recipes- laziness).
Turns out pretty much all of them were things I already had.

First step was to rinse the black beans and then mash them to a chunky consistency with a fork.

Then I chopped some onion and mushrooms and added them and all the spices to the mix and mixed well. The recipe called for refrigerating it for awhile to let the flavors meld.

 While my burgers were 'melding' in the fridge I made the squash fries. These were SO easy and SO delicious. All I had to do was cut the end off the squash, peel the squash and slice into 'fry' shapes.

Then I salted, peppered and baked them while I worked on my burgers.

I chopped a little too many mushrooms so I sauteed some Swiss chard to go with them as a base layer for my burgers.

The finished product turned out AMAZING.

This totally met my craving for a burger and fries!! The burger had a ton of flavor and even reheated well. The squash fries were sweet and salty at the same time.

Thanks Mama Pea!!