Sunday Seven 8-21-11

I have been all kinds of off schedule this week....
I was sick on Monday and slept from 5:30 PM to 5 AM! Not sure what was up with that, but ever since then I haven't felt back to my normal self.

Point I'm making is...this post is late. :)

1. My co-worker sent me this article after we were discussing the rich paying more taxes. I think Warren Buffet seems like a cool guy.

2. My friends Kayla and Jonny are adopting a baby boy from Nigeria. They have had a REALLY rough time working with all the government entities. Kayla spent 8 weeks in Nigeria with Joseph waiting for all the paperwork to be approved. She wrote this post about his first birthday and being a parent. I thought it was amazing.
 *Sidenote: I received an email from Kayla the other day and her and Joseph are coming home Saturday!! Can't wait to see them.

3. I love when there is an inspirational story that allows me to believe that mankind is still decent, kind and caring. The Indiana fairgoers who worked diligently to save others as a stage collapsed on them are a true testament to what each and everyone one of us on this planet should be doing. Helping out those in need and working together.

4. And then I read a story like this one. Really?? T sent it to me with this 'I love that this was called ‘Operation Extra Sugar’.  Awesome!!  And they include a picture of donuts in the article…as if that has anything to do with it.' It provided hours of jokes. :)

5. Have you ever heard of Crossfit? This stuff looks crazy intense...and I want to do it.

6. Best quote ever: "If eye rolling burned calories, women would never have to diet." For reals.

7. CSAs are awesome. I spent Saturday morning with my mom and little sister at the farm picking vegetables for canning. We got a BUNCH

We were able to can 12 quarts of spaghetti sauce and about 12 pints of salsa. Plus we had a ton of peppers and onions leftover. I've been freezing some and giving some away.

How has your week been? If you get 'off schedule' how do you get back on?