Concert Road Trip: KCMO & David Gray

We drove down to Kansas City, MO on a Saturday to see David Gray in concert at the Uptown Theater near downtown.

Last March we had made the trip down there to see him at the same location and the show was AMAZING so we were pretty stoked to see him again.

When we got to town, we checked into our hotel room and then set off for lunch. We made some pit stops at North Face, the Gap and Urban Outfitters on our way.

Of course, I had already hand-picked our restaurant choices...(can you say food-obsessed?!?)

The Gran Falloon Restaurant and Bar is a locally-owned sports bar located in the Plaza. They have all the regular sports bar menu items plus some new chef creations.

We sat in the bar and ordered up some iced tea, waters and lunch!
We had been traveling, shopping and walking in the heat so we scarfed down our food before I got some pictures!

I had a turkey burger topped with sun dried tomato pesto and a side salad. As you can tell, pretty tasty!!

T had a burnt ends wrap with apple-jicama slaw and hand cut fries. I tried some of his too...delicious! I want to attempt that slaw...

We shopped some more, then decided it was cocktail time.

I had checked out O'Dowd's online and it seemed like a place we would like.
And we did.
Very Irish, dark and serving up all our favorites. We had a drink and chatted with the bartender about the best BBQ in KCMO. He said Oklahoma Joe's was the best but we weren't going to be able to make it this trip. Maybe next time?

After the shopping and cocktails we went back to the hotel to get cleaned up for dinner and the show.

T looked pretty snazzy in his new hat from BR while we waited for the cab.
Then we went down to the Power and Lights District to have dinner at the Drunken Fish, a sushi restaurant also serving other Asian cuisine.

We sat at the bar tables because they were so cool. It was hard to get a picture but they had lights inside and glowed through the top.

We started our dinner with some tuna balls dunked in avocado sauce.

I had a Spicy Eskimo roll- crab, cucumber and cream cheese, topped with smoked salmon, yuzu sauce, garlic mayo, jalapeno slices and black tobiko

T ordered salmon teryaki. He ate every last bit!

Sorry the pictures are so creepy looking. Those red lit tables didn't do a lot for my picture taking!

After dinner, we hopped in a cab and headed off to the show.
New facebook profile pics via the cab....

Like I said, we had seen David Gray before at the same location so we were really excited to see him again. I bought our tickets online in the orchestra section so we should be pretty close to the stage.

We ended up right behind the sound guys. Not the best seats but a good view of the stage. I was sorta bummed we weren't 7th row like the first time we saw him...but still excited to hear him sing.
As always he didn't disappoint...

He has a simple set up with his band but uses cool light effects against the curtains for each song. I love the simpleness of it that allows me to really focus on the music and the instruments instead of a bunch of pomp and circumstance.

The playlist was great. He did a lot of songs from 'Life In Slow Motion' which is one my favorite albums. He said he read people's suggestions on his facebook page to do the setlist! I thought that was pretty cool!! The theater was really hot...mostly because it was around 115 degree heat index when we were in KC. But we had a great time anyway.

We walked back to the hotel from the concert, grabbed one beer then hit the hay. It was long, hot day!

The next morning we got up and grabbed coffee in the Plaza to hit up a few stores I wanted to revisit.

Iincluding Urban Outfitters. I LOVE that place!! I'm saving my pennies so I can replace my fall wardrobe there...

We also hit up Barnes and Noble because somehow we always end up hanging out in one when we're out of town? It's strange. Mostly we went there to kill time to wait for Urban  Outfitters to open.

After some quick shopping, we headed to lunch before we hit the road.
Jack Stack!!!!

We ate there last time we were in KC visiting and it's conveniently located on the Plaza. (Sidenote: We heard that Oklahoma Joe's is the best, but it wasn't open on Sunday so we'll have to check it out next time!)

I ordered the 2 meat combo with turkey, brisket and seasonal vegetable which happened to be asparagus. Yum.

T ordered the burnt ends sandwich and fries.

And we ordered a special side of the cheesy potatoes...because, honestly, for me, that is why I eat there.

Double Yum.

So after our bellies were full we hit the road to head back home.

T rocked out singing some really bad 80's ballads...

 And I worked on eating through this bag of crack balls known as yogurt covered almonds. :)

We got home Sunday afternoon and were happy to say we had a great road trip of shopping, tunes and eats!!
You like my new David Gray t-shirt??