WWW...stripes and Mannequins...??

Happy WWW!!
(that's Wet and Wild Wednesday to those of you living under a rock)

I'm really sick of leaving work every day and seeing this

But today is a good day because T and I are going to a live music even tonight at People's Court. It's one of my favorite music venues. Small but not too small. Roomy. Good view of the stage from anywhere. In the heart of downtown. :)

The band we're going to see is Jack's Mannequin. If you do not know who they are, check out their most recent album, The Glass Passenger, here.

In celebration of WWW and it being a concert night, I'm wearing stripes.

Not sure what this goony-looking smile is about.

...and again with the smile.

Not sure why, but just feeling stripe-y today.

Heading out to Americana for pre-music cocktails!!

Have a rocking Wednesday evening!!