Sunday Seven...late edition

Sunday Seven is a little late this week....but full of awesomeness all the same!!

  1. Lady Gaga. Seriously. I'm addicted to the song "Paparazzi."
          Yes- I realize this song came out in 2008. It's still awesome. In a creepy, stalker-ish sort of way.
          Plus, she is so creative and crazy. How can you NOT love her?

2. The color blue. In every shade.
3. Pubs and Patios. We did a pub crawl this weekend and spent a lot of time enjoying the patio. I also spent 3 hours on the patio of Smokey Row yesterday working on blog posts. It was heavenly.
4. The Heat. No, I'm not talking about the Miami Heat (sorry Lebron). I'm talking about the fact that summer has officially arrived in Iowa. It's been in the 90's the past few days and I'm loving it!!
5. Photography. I've been enjoying taking pictures of everything- food, flowers, people...whatever catches my eye. I've also been trying out different angles and settings on my camera to see what I like best. I took this one on Saturday outside T's condo.

6. Meeting goals. I made PR on Saturday at the Dam to Dam. T ran his first race. It was a successful day for us!! Now I'm serious about the Des Moines Marathon.
7. Hanging out with my favorite person. Isn't he cute? So much love. :)