LLS Pub Crawl

For post Dam to Dam race refueling, T and I went on a pub crawl to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

We signed up at The High Life Lounge and received our drink tickets and commemorative pint glasses.
Then we hit up El Bait Shop for some air-conditioning and a couple of seasonal beers.

I had the Backpocket Dunkel Lager which is made right here in Iowa. I can't remember if T had the Flying Dog Ale from MD or the Blue Moon Honeymoon (oops). All I know is we enjoyed our beers and a game of virtual bags.

After El Bait Shop, we headed to our next stop, Hessen Haus and took a seat on the patio. It's a German bar famous for Da Boot.

While we were there, we ordered a couple of drinks and enjoyed the Black Forest Pizza.

The pizza had tomatoes, spinach, mushrooms, onions and was topped with Muenster cheese.

It was super tasty.
My friend Holly showed up to hang out with us as well. She contributes a lot to LLS.

The Hessen Haus has a great view of downtown Des Moines.

T and I had fun chatting and enjoying the warm weather.

Our next stop was The Royal Mile where Holly and her friend Nicole met up to hang out with us. I had little obsession with Nicole's shoes.

I dig purple.

T thinks I probably have enough shoes....but he likes purple too.

Next stop was Mickey's Irish Pub on Court Avenue. They just finished remodeling their patio so we went to check it out.

While we were there, we ran into Elsie, the cart girl from TCI where T plays golf league.
Elsie is going to ISU to be a dietitian. We had a great conversation about Food, Inc and eating locally and organic.

Our final stop on the crawl was CABCO for a root down- a shot of Jagermeister and homemade root beer. Delicious!

Nicole's husband Kevin also joined up for the last stop.

Then we walked to Raccoon to play some pool and chat with our buddy Aaron.

T got a hankering for a Steak salad so we went to Star Bar.

We had ate and drank a lot on Saturday so I had the arugula salad. Light and refreshing!

Then we headed home and hit the hay. We had been up since 4:30 and we were ready for bed!!