Sunday Seven

1. Strawberry Picking- Wednesday afternoon I picked strawberries with my nieces and nephew. We had a great time and picked 11 pints in about 45 minutes!

2. This burger from Rusty Duck. It won 'Best Burger' and apparently is made out of ground steak. We took my dad there for Father's Day dinner and we weren't disappointed!

3. Dance Party USA- One of T's good friends was in town visiting and we hit up Heroes bar for some drinks and dancing Thursday night. Great time.

4. Marathon Fever- I decided I'm going to run the Des Moines Marathon in October. I've been doing some long runs on Saturdays and completed 16 yesterday!
This is what it looks like when you've ran 16 miles in 100% Iowa humidity. Sticky mess.

5. Friends- T's good friend Keith visited this weekend and all the boys got together to hang out. I think they're pretty lucky to have such a good group of guys to hang with.

6. Seeing this chick 2x in one day

7. Dads- Happy Dad's day to all the Dad's out there. You're doing a great job! Keep it up!! Especially happy day to my dad. Thanks for being a part of my life- through good and bad times. Love you.