Not in This House!!

Last night T came over after golf league to hang out and crawl in bed with me.
Our schedules get crazy so sometimes the only 'together' time we have is 5 minutes of chatting before dreamland. :)

He didn't eat a 'real' dinner at the course so he was asking what I had.
Here's a recount of our actual conversation:

T: What kind of snacks do you have around here?
Me: I don't know....oh, wait. Try these! Way delicious. And not horrible for you.

T: (puzzled look) Okay.... (pops one in his mouth)....(chewing)....what else you got?
Me: Oh, how about these? They're pretty good with some peanut butter.

T: (audible sigh) Really? That's it?
Me: Or I have these?! (holding up a Luna Bar)
T: (annoyed look) I don't want to turn into a woman.
Me: (sounding a little desperate since I can't feed my man) I have other kinds!

T: It's okay. I'll just have a banana after I get out of the shower.
Me: Not those, eat the ones in the bowl. Those are mine.
T: (just looking at me....like 'WTHeck?')
Me: They're organic, fair trade bananas.
T: (another sigh, then chuckle) I was hoping for some Doritos!!
Me: The days of Cheezits, starbursts and fatty snacks are gone! Right, Rox?

That's right.
No fatty snacks here.
Not in this house, mister.