Spring Thoughts Part I

As is typical Iowa weather, we've had some incredibly warm weather following a brutally cold couple of weeks. It's been sunny and warm during the daylight hours.
Following the daylight savings adjustment, it feels like the heavy blanket of winter is finally lifted. Birds are chirping, spring flowers are poking their head through the dirt. We are shedding our scarfs, our jackets and those pesky winter pounds.

It feels like change.

Last week, I got in a couple of early morning runs along the river. It was right about when the sun was coming up and I left my headphones at home and just breathed the crisp spring air and watched the world come alive. I didn't think about my distance or what I had to do that day, I just emptied my mind and connected my feet with the pavement. Felt my body adjust to the natural movement it's so familiar with.

It was absolutely glorious. Those types of runs are my favorite. The ones where you forget what you are doing and you just ARE.
I started back at my old gym last week too and although I'm not at the level of fitness I was before, I felt my body respond to the familiarity of working hard and it felt really good.

I've not usually been a huge fan of spring. I much prefer the warm, hot days of summer and the cool, winding down of fall.
But this year?
Spring is lifting my spirits. It's bringing me back alive. I feel hopeful and like this is a fresh start to leave the past behind and move forward.

This changing of the seasons feels like I'm closing the door on a season of life and entering a new phase. I have new opportunities, new goals, new chances to make it right.

I was walking down the street last week to get an iced coffee. I was in between loads at the local laundromat and thought I'd steal that opportunity to get some vitamin D and a caffeine fix.
I saw a man walking down the street. He had his eyes half open, with his face turned up toward the sun and he was smiling quietly to himself. It was if he had no cares in the world and for that moment, walking down the street, he was just enjoying the fresh air of spring and the sun's rays against his face.

It made me smile thinking about how often we take these little moments for granted. How the change in weather can remind us that not everything is lost. We can thrive in a single moment.

I've been walking every day it's been nice enough too. Taking time to just observe the world around and be in the moment.

May spring continue to be a reminder of fresh starts, happy moments and sunshiny days.