Influence Conference 2014: Meet and Greet

In normal fashion, I'm a little late to the show.


I don't care because I'm so EXCITED to spend 4 days driving, dreaming, scheming, talking, laughing, drinking WAAAY too much coffee, filling up and resting my soul.

Erin and I leave our beloved Des Moines early tomorrow AM to head to Indy for the 2014 Influence Conference!

This will be my 3rd year attending the conference (I'm a lifer at this point) and I am really excited to see all my old friends and make many new ones!

Without further adieu, here is a lil bit about me:

I love writing, reading and hot drinks.
I love cool mornings, long easy runs and hot yoga.
I love cooking, eating local and craft beer.
I love both my jobs- Arbonne Consultant & Think Digital Project Manager.
I talk better then I listen (I'm getting better!) and I love people. All of them.
Expect hugs.
I love woman empowerment and world-changers...like the ladies of the Influence Conference!
I love my God, my family, my friends and my boyfriend. <3
Also, I love this goofy face, my furkid, Roxy.

The theme of this year's conference is BUILD.

Each year I've come to the conference, I've left changed a little. I love coming in with an open heart and mind and just letting God speak to me in all the ways I don't expect.

This year, I'm particularly excited to see what happens AFTER the conference. God has been speaking to each of us in different ways in our lives and now is the time to take action. 
I can't wait to see what this group of powerful women will show to the world!

Every year, I find myself a little zapped by the end of the conference. Not just emotionally and mentally, but physically as well. Lots of late nights, weird eating schedules and just generally being in an unfamiliar place.

For me, that means I can't leave the house without my Arbonne Nutrition Essentials! Protein powder for smoothies and snacks,  Energy Fizz Sticks made with green tea for an afternoon boost, and Herbal Detox Tea for late evening chats. I love being part of a company that makes amazing pure, safe and beneficial products I use every day.
I'll have a few samples and I'd love to share so don't hesitate to find me. :)

But be ready, I might just hug you.