Sunday 7/ 7-6-14

I am snuggled up in bed after a long holiday weekend and I'm realizing how much I've missed sharing little bits of life and thought here. I've missed writing and I've missed interacting here. 
With half the year behind us and the other half full of possibility- I'm making new habits and reinstating old ones. I'm giving myself grace for the months I've slacked off sharing and I am excited to share about some big changes coming to my life.
In the meantime, here are 7 things I'm loving lately.

1. 3 day holiday weekends.
Need I say more? A day off work and days full of fun and friends and music at 80/35 was just what I needed.

2. Shellac
I'm addicted to getting my nails done. I'm too impatient to do my own and having a chip free manicure for 3 weeks makes me feel feminine and put together. 

3. Girlfriends
There was a time in my life when my close circle of girlfriends was very limited. I was skeptical of 'real' relationships with girls and I kept to myself. I'm now surrounded by the most amazing women and when we empower and encourage each other- the results are astounding. I'm so thankful for their influence in my life!

4. Family
In the past couple of months, I've had lunch with my sisters, a visit from my grandma and my cousin, birthday celebrations with my grandparents and a mom/daughter date. I'm enjoying spending time with  them and I'm looking forward to more summer celebrations!

5. Sunshine
I lone summer. I love heat. I loVe having a terrible short tan line from running outside. Keep it up Mother Nature- sunshine makes me happy :)

6. Reading
I'm not sure how it happened, but I slacked off reading for fun. Or really reading anything that was longer than a couple pages or a link on Facebook. I recently finished 'Prodigal Summer' by Barbara Kingsolver and it was soul soothing. What have you been reading?

7. Creative Spark
It's back. I wrote a poem last week. I have a couple of blog posts brewing and I'm even considering editing that book I wrote (yeah- remember that?) I am looking forward to sharing more soon.

What are you loving this summer?