5 Minute Friday: Mess

My work day started yesterday when I got home from GIM at 6:30. I had a voicemail from our technology partner saying our month end files failed. One of our inputs from a different team had bad data. Their team, much like ours, is being overloaded with projects and deadlines that even management can barely keep up with. We are all moving at an exponential pace that something was destined to blow up. I drove home last night about 10:45. It was a LONG, messy day.
Right now, I have a sink full of dirty dishes in my kitchen that are starting to get funky. There are 2 loads of laundry that need to be washed. There are shoes by the door, a yoga mat in the living room and piles of books on  my table. I have piles of emails, to-do lists pages long and a mind full of 'don't forge to's and 'make sure to's.
I'm working a ton of hours, trying to run a business with Arbonne, training (always), job hunting (did I  mention my 14 hour work day?), I just joined the mission team at church and all the while trying to maintain relationships, hobbies, passions and you know- sleep and eat. Some days it feels like I have all my balls in the air spinning and I can't quite keep them all afloat. I'm a little worried that they are all going to come crashing down.
My life is a little bit messy right now.
In our sermon series we just started with church and small group, Freeway, we talked last week about awareness and how distracted and busy we are all the time. It was like 'duh', I know. How do I stop? How do I get 'undistracted' and focused on things that matter? Who can teach me discernment? Why do I feel the need to do #allthethings? Then this week, in Jesus Calling, something stuck out to me:

The truth is self-sufficiency is a myth perpetuated by pride and temporary success. Health and wealth can disappear instantly, as can life itself. Rejoice n your insufficiency, knowing that My power is made perfect in weakness. 

There it is.
Maybe sometimes I should just stop. Let go of not making the goals and reading the books and attending all the things and take a minute and just focus on Him and say 'Hey Jesus? I'm sucking at life lately, but I know you got this. '
In all this mess of a life, He stands like a lighthouse in a storm.

So it's been a while (maybe a year??!) since I've partiicpated in 5 Minute Friday. I just happened to look today and, like so mnay things lately, the word was so timely.
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How do you manage life when it seems everything is going at once? Do you reach out to Him for comfort? How do you unwind?

Hope you have a fantastic Friday.