From the La-bora-tory: Springy Summery Foods

Do you remember that cartoon Dexter's Laboratory? With the pudgy little scientist kid and the goofy lanky sister? Every time I hear the word 'laboratory' I think of that show and how he used to say 'laboratory' all drawn out...La-bor-a-tory. 

When I'm cooking up things in my kitchen and trying out stuff I read on the internet or in one of Mama Pea's cookbooks (and usually subbing ingredients because it never fails I forget something at the store) I feel a little like a mad scientist.

I mean I definitely have the hair for it.

And while most of these are not my own creation, I have been enjoying trying out some new things in my La-bor-a-tory!

Before we left for Colorado, I wanted to use up all my fresh foods (I hate wasting food!) so I made up some randomness:

Corn salad with avocado & tomato, roasted squash and asparagus topped with a fried egg

Cucumber with edamamme hummus, greens topped with edamame salad & tomato

More corn/avocado/tomato & roasted broccoli and asparagus
As you can see I had some corn salad to get rid of! But it is great as a salad topper over greens or on it's own with some additional veggies added. 
This time of year there are so many good fresh veggies that I can get locally grown and organic: rainbow swiss chard, asparagus by the truckload and spring radishes. I also found a couple farmer that were growing heirloom tomatos indoors so I snagged up as much of those as I could.
And last but not least, EGGS. There is nothing better than farm fresh eggs! I don't eat much meat but I really, really love eggs.

Avocado toast, fried egg with tomato, sauteed swiss chard & spring radishes
 Sauteed swiss chard is a great spring side- just put it in a pan with some water and garlic and a little olive oil. Put a lid on and let it wilt. Stir a couple times. Viola! It has a pretty distinct flavor but goes excellent with mushrooms and of course...eggs :)

Where all the magic happens
 I have found that spending time in my kitchen preparing delicious food that I can trace back to a local farm makes me feel grounded and calm and healthy. I like knowing I'm putting good into my body most of the time!

I think salads are such an easy and delicious way to get your veggies in and pack your lunch for work. Here, I'm using mixed greens, spring radishes, tomatos, and cucumber (all locally purchased via my CSA or local market). 

Check out these amazing golden beets! I roasted them in the oven and sliced them to top over mixed greens and a little balsamic vinegar. So. good. 
If you can find in season and locally, ethically grown food in your hometown- you should always check it out. I've found that it tastes better and the quality seems to be much better.

They were so pretty!

Last night I gave a try to something I've been meaning to make forever: Polenta Fries
Um...where have you been all my life?
You can find the recipe here
I forgot to bake them and didn't do the extra topping, but they still turned out DELICIOUS.
I mixed a little Veganaise and Siracha to make a dipping aioli.
Might be the smartest decision I made yesterday. 

I paired my fries with some purple roasted asparagus. It looked so pretty on the plate and tasted pretty great too!

I had fresh pea shoots and strawberries from the market so I tossed them with a little balsamic and olives for a side salad. So fresh and springy. 

Best part of enjoying this season's eats?
Eating outside!

Do you like to cook? What are your favorite foods of the season? 
Do you also love Siracha this much?