Five Minute Friday: What Mama Did

Hi Friends.
I'm back.
After a brief hiatus during the worst couple weeks of my life (if you didn't know- I can be dramatic sometimes), I'm ready to catch up with #FMF!

A little about Five Minute Friday:

Each week a bunch of writer ladies and lads write for five solid minutes on one word.
No editing.
No fancifying.
Just real writing.

Then we link up over at Lisa Jo Baker's blog- Tales from a Gypsy Mama and we read each other's posts and comment and make new virtual friends.
It's quite fun.

Today's word is a little different.
It's sort of a topic:

What Mama Did

My mama.
My mom is loud. She laughs wide-mouthed and full of life. Contagiously.  
She loves reality TV, red nail polish, jewelry and laying by the pool.
Her favorite snacks are chips and salsa and ice cream.
Time with my mom is like time with a girlfriend. We catch up on the latest family news and chat about whatever is going on.

But my most favorite thing about my mom?
The gift I feel like she passed onto me?
The ability to comfort and encourage.

She can take one look at me and know if something is wrong.

Then she'll listen, pat my back and 'oh honey' with tears in her big round hazel eyes because she can always empathize with whatever thing big or small her strong-willed middle daughter is working through.

For as long as I can remember my mom has always written me notes.
Cards for the first day of middle school.
Hand written notes for turning into a teenager.
A card for when I got my very first apartment all by myself.
A card for when I got divorced and started life again.
Cards for graduations.
Cards for birthdays.
Thoughtful and heartfelt thank yous.

I have every single one.
They are one of my most treasured possessions.

And just like my mom- I like to send notes to my people.
Maybe an email or a text but I especially love a handwritten card just letting someone know that I love them and think the world of them.

Just like my mama did for me.


I love this topic today.
So much.
I don't know that I've ever told my mom how much those cards and notes mean to me, but I hope she reads this.

What did your mama do that influenced you?

Spend 5 minutes writing about your mom and if you are up for it, share and read what others wrote too.