Sunday Seven 3/18/12

Top of the Morning to ya!!
Anybody have a wee too much fun this weekend?
(That's my horrible Irish accent...what can I say? I'm German. :))
We had a relaxed day but did get into the St Patty's spirit!

A lot of people loved T's green Nikes. He does too.

I had a few days off last weekend and spent a lot of time eating, drinking and SLEEPING. It was rough. I'm not used to that much downtime!! My sweatpants got waaaayyyy too much use.
Also, it was National Procrastinator's week...so it seems appropriate I didn't do anything, even blog. :)

Trying to get back to a regular schedule AND deal with daylight savings time this week was a little difficult.
Luckily it was a short week and I had a relaxing weekend to help me prep for the full week of work coming up!!

1. It's well known that I LOVE my city and this video just makes me laugh knowingly. Especially since I know one of the local baristos in it!

2. I also love this video from Gotye. It's artsy and unique and the song is fantastic.

3. Speaking of music, I've been loving the Fun. album. 'We Are Young' is a great song and makes me think of summer and parties and having no cares. Perfect music for this warm weather we've been having!

4. In fact, it was 83 degrees today in Des Moines. It's been in the high 70s and low 80s for almost a week. This is NOT normal for our climate, but I'm not complaining! It's gorgeous! The weathermen are getting really excited about the records being set too.

5. The mystery behind recycling pizza boxes now solved.

6. Dam to Dam 2012 registration opened this week!! I signed up for the 20K for the 4th year in a row. I'm pumped.

7. And it's official:

My marathon training shirt came in the mail!! I'm excited and nervous. I have a couple races coming up to prepare for the longer distance. Hope I'm ready!!

3/5-Resistance training, 3 mile run @ 28:56 on the treadmill, 3 mile walk @ 51:45
3/6- Kickboxing
3/7- Run 5.25mi @48:54
3/8- Kickboxing
3/9- rest
3/10- lazy
3/11- lazier
3/12- Run 3.01 mi @ 27:05
3/13- Ran 2 and walked 1 with Roxy- she wasn't feeling a run 35:52
3/14- Resistance Training
3/15- 5.32 mi @54:49
3/16- Resistance Training
3/17- 5.40 mi @ 53:22 (includes warmup and cool down)
3/18- biked to and from church downtown- ~10 miles

What have you been up to? Do you enjoy any spring break time and relaxation?