Sunday Seven 12/11/11

Well, Hellllooooooo.
I had a super lazy Sunday and then got a burst of energy around 5 PM...strange, I know.

And now I'm on a writing binge...so get ready!

1. I saw these unique and natural Christmas ideas on Whole Living. I'm going to attempt to recreate them...


2. On the internets:
  • I love this article on being happy. I believe that being happy is a state of mind and appreciating the small things make life worth living.
  • Have you seen the hilarious Davenport, IA videos starring Will Ferrell? If not, please watch here and here.
  • This house is amazing.
3. This week, the Biggest Loser contestants ran their marathon. I remember watching Tara win it a couple seasons ago.


It always inspires me watching those people finish. It's amazing to me how far they advance in athleticism in such a short time.
I know I'm running a marathon in 2012. And at some point in my life, I want to earn one of these:

4. I had a full day of girl time on Saturday. I went to lunch with my friend Rachel to Open Sesame and then we did a little Christmas shopping in the East Village.

Which is where I fell in love with Ephemera. I just want to live in that store.

We also hit up the local movie theater, Fleur Cinema, to see a movie.

It was very good.

Then I went home, got in a run, got showered and went to my friend Kayla's for Treat. Yo. Self. A pj party with crafts, snacks, drinks and great conversation with some lovely ladies!!

We made these ornaments out of shower rings!! Cute, right? Those Gateway ladies are so crafty!!

I really do appreciate having so many strong, funny, sweet and lovely women in my life. Girlfriends are the best.

5. If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen this:

Sometimes all you need is good old fashioned honesty and communication

I think sometimes we forget that to make relationships work, sometimes you have to talk about them. I think it's healthy to do a little 'check-in' every once in awhile to make sure things are still on track. And if something is bothering you, or is off, acknowledge it. Talk it out. Then get back to living life. :)

6. I took Friday off to work on my CPE hours for H&R Block and study for my exam. I worked on it for about 7 hours and then went on Saturday to take my exam....I looked up every question and I PASSED!! I'm now a Tax Specialist 1. Only about 13 more levels available to test up...HA!

7. I had more action on my blog this week then I ever have. And through that activity I found another local blogger, A Little Pink in the Cornfields.  Her blog is awesome and I think we have a lot in common! Jump over and check it out if you get a chance.
Also, related to social media, I hit 100 Twitter followers this week and am now up to 117!! I think 20 of them might be porn stars...but I'm not discriminating.

Workouts this week:

M- It was super cold and I didn't get home from work and errands till after 8. Roxy and I jogged a half mile and that was it.
T- 3.75 miles in 32:36 and 20 minute yoga
W- Resistance Training and 1.75 miles in 17:36. Roxy and I walked most of the 2nd mile.
Th- Kickboxing and 1.21 miles in 13:43. Ran first mile in 9 minutes and walked the last bit with Roxy
F- Resistance Training and 4.16 miles in 39:38. Ran first 4 miles around 36 minutes and walked to cool down. Good part about this run is negative splits!!
S- I was supposed to run in the morning with my regular gals but it was 7 degrees and feels like 0. No. Thank. You. I got back in bed and ran later in the early evening when it was much warmer. 3.31 miles in 31:01. Ran 3 around 27 minutes and then walked the rest. Again- negative splits!!
Sun- I was SUPER lazy today. T and I slept in till 11ish then went to brunch. I walked Roxy to the coffee shop and then napped a little. Finally around 5ish I got a burst of energy and decided to go on a run. SO glad I did. Weather was great and I felt really good. 5.01 miles at 44:38

Total mileage: 19.69 miles

I'm so glad I've kept up the 'run everyday till Christmas' thing. I think having that goal makes me do a little something every day when normally I would give myself an out to skip workouts.

What have you been up to this week? Do porn stars follow you on Twitter too?