Sunday Seven 12-4-11

Whew!! This week FLEW by!
Here's a little bit of what I've been up to:

1. T came home on Tuesday. I was super stoked to see him!

I even made a little sign to meet him with at the airport

But his flight was early so I just picked him up at the curb....but was so glad he made it back safely!

2. On the internets:

3. Yesterday was a super busy day. I got up to run, went to church, visited my nieces and nephews, went to book club and then dinner at Django and off to see WICKED with T, my little sister, her husband and my mom. It was a fabulous show! I loved both the Glinda and Elphaba characters. The set design and costumes were so colorful and fun. I really enjoyed the songs and was amazed by the vocal range of those ladies!!
It was a Christmas present outing for my mom and I think she had a great time!

4. Speaking of Christmas, it's only 20 days away!! I got out some decorations this weekend and even caught most of It's A Wonderful Life. My house is getting Christmatized...

5. I've been on a serious sweets kick lately. It's not good at all. Here's just a couple of things I've been munching on....

However, I'm trying to offset some of these fatty treats with healthy meals like these:

And luckily I'm still...

6. Keeping up my schedule to run everyday until Christmas. This is what I did this week:

Monday- Run 3.01 miles 28:19. Then a walk in the evening with Roxy- 1.77 miles 29:01. I also did resistance training
Tuesday- 1.75 miles. Ran 1 @ 9:45, walked the rest. Kickboxing.
Wednesday- 4.03 miles 36:59
Thursday- 1.7, 1 mile @9:28, walked the rest. Kickboxing.
Friday- 1.29 miles, 1 mile @9:05, walked the rest. (Roxy was NOT cooperative this day). Resistance Training
Saturday- We were supposed to run outside but it was raining pretty hard. I got a guest pass to go to T's gym and ran on the treadmill. I had all good intentions of doing 5...but the treadmill run SUCKED. It was the first time I had ran on a treadmill in over a year and I'm out of practice!! I couldn't get into a good pace and just felt winded and ended up giving up at 4 and then walking a half mile. I got in 4 miles at about 38 minutes.
Sunday- 2.02 miles 18:03

Today was not so good either...but the whole point is to keep moving everyday so that is what I'm doing!!

7. I have spent the last 2 weekends in a row at home- just relaxing in the evenings and getting plenty of sleep. It has been FANTASTIC. I think a little more hermit time is what I need in my life to achieve balance. And 'Even-Me-ness.' :)

What have you been up to this week? Are you getting excited for the Christmas season?