Sunday Seven 07/17/11

Yes I realize this is a week late....better late than never, right??

1. This article on post marathon training blues. This part really stuck out to me:

signs that you're rushing your recovery include prolonged fatigue, loss of appetite, feeling lethargic on your runs for several days in a row, severe mood swings or depression, illness, and, of course, any running-related injury.

I’ve definitely had some of these issues. I've been working on taking more rest time. Every since I've started the marathon training, I've kept up my regular workout schedule. Some weeks I think it might be too much when we have 20 mile runs!
Also, Jamie and I have already talked about doing some races as part of training and doing some after so we can stay fit during the winter months. I think it’s important to have a goal or it’s really easy to fall off the fitness wagon.

2. Reading.  I finished The Help this week for my book club. I really enjoyed it. The story line was catching and quickly moving. It's amazing to me that just 50 years ago (and probably still today unfortunately) people still have crazy ideas about segregation. I can't imagine what it would have been like to live during that time.

3. Away We Go. After our really, really HOT 16 miler on Saturday and my excruciating ice bath, I laid around cooling off and watched this move from Netflix.It's a story staring John Krasinski (The Office) and Maya Rudolph (SNL) and their journey to figuring out where to live once their baby arrives. It was funny, emotional and real. I loved every minute of it.

4. Heat Wave. A little caveat here...I wasn't INTO this Heat Wave AT ALL. But it was sort of too big of a deal NOT to be mentioned. Starting Friday it got hot. And not like regular Iowa summer hot- 90s and 95% humidity. I mean heat index of 115...so hot you can't breathe...so hot you might be at the gates of actual hell. Not super enjoyable.

5. Matt Nathanson

We watched him rock the grassy slope at Nightfall on the River. His songs are amazing and he is a witty and fun entertainer. Great time!

6. OOIAJ. I'm pretty sure I've talked about overnight oats in a jar before. However, I never actually used a jar. Until I saw this post from Life and Running in Iowa. Nic and Kier use mason jars to store all their food because it's BPA free and environmentally friendly. I liked the idea so I tried it out for my OOIAJ.

Loved it.

7. Cleaning up coffee shop bathroom style. After our super duper hot 16 miler Saturday, we popped into Smokey Row for mandatory iced coffees and cinnamon rolls. We were super sweaty and decided to get cleaned up in the bathroom.

This is all we had.

Isn't it amazing what a little toilet paper and lipgloss can do? :)

What are you into this week?