Week Recap....

Prior to starting this blog, I spent the weekend in Vegas with T and some friends for a 40th Birthday celebration.
Although time off is so-so nice, getting caught back up is not. so. much.
So...here's a little recap of what I've been up to this week:

I had two days off to recover relax and celebrate my birthday after we returned from Vegas. I did a little re-landscaping while Roxy lounged around...Such a lazy puppy.

I also discovered a rose bush I transplanted 3 years ago has finally bloomed! 
But...then I went back to work. Booo. Read a bazillion emails. Tried to get back on track with some healthy lunches.
Went on a couple sweat fests runs.

Exciting, huh?

Honestly, those two days off at the beginning of the week were so restful. It was so freeing to be on my own schedule and own pace. I think I need to do that full-time some how.... :)

I also did a little TV watching.
This week's episode of The Biggest Loser was the most inspiring I've ever seen.
They whittled down (literally) to the final 3 contestants. Well, 2. The 3rd will be chosen by America's votes.
The final 2 contestants ended up being a Biggest Loser first. An all woman two-some who happen to be sisters, Hannah and Olivia.
These two women...
I barely have words for how much their relationship and their journey touch my heart.
Maybe it's because their story resonates with me so much.
There is nothing particularly unique about these women. No tragedy occurred that caused them to slip and gain a hundred pounds. They were just a little lost. Not really sure who they were. And if they were worth it. Being on the ranch, they have lost so much weight. Over a hundred pounds a piece. But they also gained an identity.
One of my favorite quotes from the show was from Olivia. At the weigh-in she said 'This isn't about losing weight. This is about finishing what you started. It's about having a goal, believing in yourself and sticking with it.'
That rings so true with me. Often we (and by we, I mean 'I') get caught up in how we look, what others think about us, blah, blah, blah and forget who's really living in our bodies.
I set the rules.
I believe enough in myself to finish what I started.
Thanks for the reminder Olivia!! :)

And besides being an inspiration and beautiful inside and out, they have a connection as sisters like one I've never seen. I believe they are truly soul-mates. I can't even describe the dynamic of those two. The way they talk to each other. Lift each other up. Care. Guide. Encourage. Love.
Watch it. Seriously good TV.

What do you do on your days off? What inspires you? I'd love some comments.